Semba: Carlos and Ines by Marie Durquet

If you are a kizomba and Semba lover, you might know Carlos Tabanka. Carlos is a teacher and an ambassador for the dances from his country, Angola. He is that person who includes everyone- young or old, no matter your background or ability. Through Carlos, I met Ines, his talented partner, and we shared a few moments of fun in Lisbon. 

Ines and Florbela by Marie Durquet

I first noticed Ines in an Angolan nightclub in Lisbon. She is not only a dancer, but an engineer who keeps many of Lisbon's old buildings standing. I was excited to photograph her several weeks later at the Jardim das Amoreiras, located next to the Fundacao Arpad Szenes-Vieira da Silva and the Mae de Agua aqueduct. Ines had her own ideas and wanted a collaboration. She jumped into trees and changed from one outfit into another as the sun was setting. Ines expressed herself in a poetic way, so I am pairing my photos with poems by the Portuguese poet Florbela Espanca, whose work I discovered during my trip. Florbela died at the age of thirty-six and nearly one hundred years ago, she wrote verses full of passion and complexity. 

From "Volupia"

E do meu corpo os leves arabescos

Vao-te envolvendo em circulos dantescos

Felinamente, em voluptuosas dancas

From "Os Versos Que Te Fiz"

Que a boca da mulher e sempre linda

Se dentro guarda um verso que nao diz

Euskadi- The Basque Country by Marie Durquet

Shot with 35 mm silver gelatin negative film.