Glass, Paper, Silver / by M Durquet

What is the color of silver? When my students accidentally expose photographic paper to light, I have an internal fit, but try not to show it. I don’t like knowing we have wasted a resource- that there was silver perfectly spread in gelatin on that paper, that it had the potential to convey meaning. I often tack the exposed paper to the wall, and tack other sheets on top, just so I don’t have to throw them away. The other day I took some of these down and marveled at the colors they had become over the past year of doing nothing- some with glossy and other with matte surfaces. I brought them home, thinking I should play with them. As I looked around my house, fumbling for an idea, I recovered some old silver plates someone had given to me, items I had been too lazy to polish or use. The tarnished colors resonated with the silver gelatin paper.  Subject. Background. Light filtering through on a rainy day. Trying to find out what there was to see.